anthraxAnthrax – I’m The Man (Anthrax/Rooney) b/w Caught In A Mosh (live) (Anthrax) 1987

Succeeding in making the Beastie Boys look like little girls lost, New York City thrash legends Anthrax fused metal with rap at a time when their credentials as rock gods were far from assured.

This phase in the band’s ultimately illustrious career was as brilliant as it was bold and the two tracks featured on this fine seven incher are representative of an act never afraid to push the boundaries – even when the stakes were ridiculously high.

In 1987 Anthrax were one of thrash metal’s ‘big four’ – slugging it out with Metallica, Megadeth and Slayer – and they could have been the biggest. But it was songs like I’m The Man and Caught In A Mosh which allowed Metallica to grab the middle ground and go on to become the heavy rock act of choice for middle-aged metal heads the world over.

If the screeching vocals and improvised time changes weren’t to everyone’s taste then there was no doubting Anthrax’s attitude at a time when the pressure was on to play a certain marketing game. I’m The Man was, and still is, a genius take on ego in an era when the bands, rather than the personalities, still ruled the world of thrash.