man-raze-09Not content with crashing rushonrock’s albums of 2008 those cheeky chappies from Man Raze are bidding to repeat the trick with the same record less than six months’ later!

Yep, having inked in a Saturday slot at Download 2009, Def Leppard’s Phil Collen and his pals are keen to remind all you rockers out there that they have a rather spiffing record under their belts in the shape of Surreal. And it seems that in spite of an ror rated 8/10 back in December, too many potential punters completely missed the Man Raze boat first time around. Disgraceful.

Anyway we’re happy to announce that the special European edition of Surreal with the five-track bonus CD will be back with a bang as of June 1, affording the ‘Raze a two-week lead-in to their Donington debut. And if you don’t know all the songs off by heart by then you don’t have the right to call yourselves rock fans (only joking – even familiarising yourself with a couple of the choruses would be a start as far as Collen’s crew is concerned). 

If you need further convincing of the merits of Surreal then go to the following link