eddieToday is World Iron Maiden Day and if you can’t be bothered to celebrate the greatest single heavy metal export this country has ever produced then shame on you.

It’s time to bring your daughter to the slaughter and sacrifice your eardrums in homage to Bruce and the boys as the globe pays tribute to a supreme rock machine. And later on you can check out the 2009 Brit Award winners in all their gigging glory as the band’s official rockumentary, Flight 666, opens simulataneously on cinema screens around the world.

Yes, for one night only the Somewhere Back In Time world tour takes centre stage in all its high definition digital glory. rushonrock competition winners John Evans and Dave Alexander will be casting their own critical eyes over the action and we’ll be bringing you a full review just as soon as we’ve come down from what promises to be one of the heavy metal highs of the year.

But if you do miss the show and don’t believe a word of the review the full film with added extras will be available on DVD and Blu-ray very, very soon. So there. Now, who said something about running to some hills….