almightyNot content with releasing a new acoustic solo album and the official Northern Ireland footy song, workaholic rocker Ricky Warwick will play a one-off charity show with his band The Almighty this summer.

The Scots rockers will pay tribute to former manager Tommy Tee, who died suddenly at the age of 46 last year. They will be joined at the Cheese & Grain in Frome on June 20 by New Model Army – another band managed by Tommy Tee. Both bands are playing for free to ensure that all the proceeds from the one off Tommystock gig go to their friend and colleague’s family.

Warwick, meanwhile, will release a download version of The Arms Of Belfast Town on March 30 to coincide with Northern Ireland’s latest batch of World Cup 2010 qualifiers. The track has been endorsed by the Northern Ireland Football Association (IFA) and the ex-Almighty frontman explained: “With this song I wanted to concentrate on all that’s good about Northern Ireland – the humour, warmth, passion and belief of the people.

“It’s also about the joy, heartache and jubilation of following the Northern ireland football team my whole life and about my boyhood heroes Goeorge Best and Gerry Armstrong as much as our present day hero David Healy.”

The track will appear on Warwick’s forthcoming acoustic record Belfast Confetti – available via Global Music’s DR2 imprint from April 27. Look out for an interview with the celebrated songwriter on rushonrock soon.