peyton1They’re a bit of a mouthful and perhaps not to everyone’s taste but there’s no doubt that The Reverend Peyton’s Big Damn Band have got us hooked.

With double A-side single Mama’s Fried Potatoes/Can’t Pay The Bill out in 10 days our excitement is reaching fever pitch.

And we’ve even got the new video to whet the appetite for one of 2009’s craziest acts. Featuring a real Reverend, his wife and a washboard what’s not to like about the Peyton posse?

So it might come across a bit ‘US yokels high on moonshine’ but it’s rocky enough to keep us happy and there’s no doubting the novelty factor is a pull. It really is unlike anything you’ll hear all year – unless you happen to be camping out in smalltown Indiana anytime soon.

Peyton is like a bearded Springsteen or a demented Dylan as he tells homely tale after homely tale against the backdrop of his countryfied guitar. Sometimes his subject matter seems too mad for words – but the Rev finds the language anyway.

With debut album The Whole Fam Damnily out via Sideonedummy Records on March 16 there will be no escaping the Rev and his rellies this spring. And that’s not a bad thing in our eyes.