It’s taken us quite a while to cotton on to what could well be one of the albums of the year but we can state here and now that if you don’t listen to The Airborne Toxic Event’s stunning self-titled record very soon you’ll live to regret it.

Think a less flamboyant Arcade Fire and a more grandiose Gaslight Anthem and you get the gist. Layer upon layer of piercing electric guitar jostles for top billing alongside the classy pipes of moody singer Mikel Jollett and it makes for a truly magical affair.

With just three UK dates booked for March so far it could be some time before you get the chance to see the US stars in action but however long it takes we recommend a trip to catch TATE in action. And if you think Bruce Springsteen’s newie is top notch then you could be blown away by classic American songs in the shape of Wishing Well (not a Free cover), This Is Nowhere and Sometime Around Midnight.

The inclusion of three bonus tracks on the UK edition is a canny ploy. But then the 10 tracks which were there in the first place are worth a tenner of anyone’s cash.