Fables’ Hell In High Heels

Rising stars of the region’s rock scene and rushonrock faves Fables Last Stand return to action on Tyneside tonight when they provide the soundtrack to the Hell In High Heels burlesque event.

Staged at Newcastle’s Venue, the guys will be performing a selection of their modern classics in front of a crowd dressed to impress in outfits which wouldn’t look out of place in a Hollywood vampire flick.

No doubt Roachie and the boys will add to their growing reputation as sleaze rock heroes after management showcased their talents in Europe earlier this month.

And we’re thinking it won’t be long before some astute label boss looks at what Fables has to offer and dangles the carrot of a record deal their way. Until then you get the chance to check ’em out in sweaty clubs and dingy bars – which is always the best place to watch rock bands anyway! Enjoy.

I’m a journalist specialising in sport and rock music. Can’t play either so I write about them instead.

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  • niall_hickman@msn.com' niall hickman

    Good points all of them. Our musical tatstes are all to a degree determined by image. I mean, Boy George and Cultute Club weren’t exactly my cup of tea because when I was a little kiddie growing up in the Black Country if you said you liked Bog George you were immediately crucified, largely because of his image. Now, looking back, they made some decent records. I defy anyone to listen to Time (Clock of the Heart) and not regard it as a high class single, or Do you really want to hurt me?

    When I was a nipper I hated heavy metal cos all the kids in school wore lank hair and smelt of BO. Now I can appreciate a lot more that some heavy rock music is quite good and I’ve even bought an album by Metallica which I like(ish). The Cult are magnificent.

    Mind you, I still reckon The Levellers are top dogs. And when it comes to image, some people like theirs – dogs on string, anarchistic travellers lifestyle – some don’t. Personally I love the freedom that their backgrounds bring to their music, but then others would disagree.


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