We could say the latest feature to rock your rushonrock world was new, sexy and seriously hip. But then that just wouldn’t be in keeping with what this site tries to be (sorry, Self Made Man). Instead The Vinyl Countdown is unashamedly retro and achingly cool – fusing our love for the finest format available and that anthemic Europe track from the mid 80s.

For the foreseable future we’ll be counting down the top 50 slabs of 7″ vinyl weighing down the rushonrock shelves and if we don’t feature your favourite then feel free to point out the error of our ways. Needless to say there will be very little outside the late 80s/early 90s so SMM should look away now…

50: The Dogs D’Amour – Satellite Kid (Tyla) b/w She Thinks Too Much Of Me (Tyla) & Drunk Like Me (Tyla) 1989

One of the greatest creative artists of his generation, sleazegrinder extraordinaire Tyla took rock to a dangerous new level.

Often flirting with the lower reaches of the charts (and with just about every groupie at his crazy shows), the charismatic frontman transformed the Dogs from bar room bawlers into serious players but their time at the top was all too short. This superbly crafted seven-incher (and we’d all love one of them) showcases Tyla’s penchant for provocative art and his obvious talent for penning a ridiculously catchy tune.

Satellite Kid turned out to be the Dogs’ only top 40 hit – soaring as high as 26 when it rolled off the 1989 album Erroll Flynn – but there really should have been more. Tyla’s still doing the business to this very day and a new Dogs’ website is promised very soon. As usual, it will be well worth a look.