It may be four weeks before Funeral For A Friend release the cracking Kicking And Screaming but here at rushonrock we’re celebrating a new month with a new video.

The Welsh noise merchants release fourth album Memory And Humanity on October 13 and this is the second taster from what promises to be another essential record.

“I remember myself and Matt knocking down a rough instrumental version of this track on a day off in Germany,” drummer Ryan Richards explained. “It was only really a couple of riffs, a sampled beat and the synth in the chorus but even then there was a welath of melody going on. It’s basically a pop song played loud, hard and turned up to 11.”

Turned up to 11 is just what we like so click on the above and whet your appetite for another slap of funtastic FFAF. It’s just a shame that their army of North East fans will have to travel as far afield as Whitehaven (Civic Hall, Oct 23) or Leeds (Met Uni, Oct 19) to catch a glimpse of the boys on this autumn’s UK tour… 🙁

* Kicking And Screaming is released in four formats on September 29.