Ok, so if you’re expecting news on our favourite show featuring sporting has-beens and a host of never-will-bes then this isn’t the post for you.

But if you want the heads up on Motley Crue’s main opposition for the next five years then read on. Dear Superstar are destined to become Demolition Records’ most successful import yet if the promo of their new record Heartless is anything to go by.

And the glam metal five-piece offer further evidence that our very own rock label was right to cast its net wide enough to capture the best emerging talent as well as the heritage bands we know and love.

Rushonrock lost count of the number of times it urged big bosses Eric and Ged to snap up the hottest new acts at the same time they were resurrecting the careers of a clutch or rock dinosaurs. And like an old record – although not quite as old as a Twisted Sister record – we kept banging on and on about the need to invest in the next generation.

Dear Superstar are exactly that and if it’s desperately disappointing that the boys aren’t playing Newcastle on next month’s Firewind tour then we can’t believe the Demolition team won’t bring them up here for a North East showcase sometime soon.

Heartless hits stores on October 20 and rest assured this won’t be the last time you read about this essential new band before then.